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the queen of french fries

himo // hat atelier
by Finnish performance and sculpture artist Mimosa Pale.
Weserstr. 53, 12045 Berlin

Photograph © Julia Schiller

» Zwielicht «

Nach dreieinhalb Jahren Studium zwischen Analog und Digital, zwischen Licht und Schatten, Dunkelkammer und Druckraum zeigen die Abschlussklassen von Marc Volk und Bertram Kober ihre Arbeiten im Forum der Neuen Schule für Fotografie. Passend zum Titel “Zwielicht” wird die Ausstellung in zwei Teilen präsentiert.

Armando Alvarez

Armando Alvarez is an artist who has been photographing his surroundings for as long as he can remember. His photographs have been described as greedy, sarcastic, and somewhat the equivalent of a cross between Duke Ellington and Bad Brains. He makes no apologies for these descriptions. He prefers the slow, arduous process of shooting on “outdated” medium format film cameras over the immediacy of digital cameras and computer software.

He currently lives and works in South Texas where he spends all his free time with his wife and three beautiful children.

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Erik Osberg

Born in Vancouver in ’83, Erik Osberg majored in photography & film production in Montréal in 2008/09, and is now about to graduate in fine arts.

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Ruth Bartlett

Dalston-based Central St. Martins graduate Ruth Bartlett has been described as someone who “basically does nice things”. We agree. Love her “ThreeDee” thingies and especially her photos.

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Tina Hillier

Browsing the photography portfolio of Tina Hillier

After graduating from The Arts Institute at Bournemouth, Tina moved to London where she now lives and works on editorial, commercial and personal projects. Recent exhibitions include at The National Portrait Gallery, as part of the 2010 Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize Exhibition and in the 2011 Exhibition which runs until February 2012.

Her work has been published in Saturday Telegraph Magazine, Monocle, Port, Seven Magazine, Stella, Sunday Times Magazine, The Guardian, Observer Escape, Dazed & Confused, and many more.

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I don’t even like cars especially, but I can relate to these two photographic projekts about them. The first one is a series “Vector Portraits” (1989-1997) by Andrew Bush, who took shots of people driving in their cars by 50 to 75 mph around Los Angeles. Maybe the relation of the owners to their vehicles is so catching.

Photograph above © Andrew Bush, “66 Drives” Continue Reading →


Big exhibiton in Leipzig from 27th of February until the 15th of May 2011 covering german photography from 1839 onwards from 190 photographers including Joachim Brohm, Andreas Gursky, Boris Michailov, Timm Rautert and Heidi Specker.



Photographer Chris McCaw uses a huge self built 20×24″ camera to actually burn the sun`s path into vintage photographic paper. He starts before sunrise, takes off the cap of his old, radioactive lens that was used in the 60ties for military aerial purposes and leaves the camera open for a few hours. The surface of the old paper gets burned and turns negative (solarization) because it consists of a higher percentage of silver than new materials.

Photograph above © Chris McCaw

→ www.chrismccaw.com

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