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Rachel Wolfe | Not Even But Almost

‘NOT EVEN BUT ALMOST’ (NEBA), 2008-2010 is an investigative look at the unsatisfying structures and ideals of contemporary life. Through the unconscious creation of perpetually unsatisfactory situations, certain inherent flaws in human nature are highlighted. Control and power are translated into containment and confinement. The harmonizing intent of constructed nature creates yet another spectacle. The intuited energy I find everywhere, in everything heightens my sensitivity to the cyclic, almost-understanding these conditions create. In this way, the mundane becomes the monumental.

Through this work I look to present my interpretation of the pursuit of happiness as a disguise for a larger quest for wholeness.” Continue Reading →


Alberto Lizaralde | Frail

“Frail” (2010 – 2011)

‘Frail’ is about those everyday moments when everything collapses. Small instants where our life changes, spins and breaks. Suspended moments in which something has just happened or is about to. Situations in which time, objects and places lose their physical nature and are full of us. Tiny fragments of life which, when put together, redefine our idea of control of ourselves and the world around us. We are vulnerable in the everyday. Continue Reading →

artsolut Berlin

Sequence 3
from Oliver Schneider on Vimeo.

ACMV Co-Editor Oliver Schneider will take part in the “artsolut Berlin Festival” on August 16th 2011 at Lido, Berlin.

The Artsolut is a festival showcasing Berlin based artists from different genres such as music, film, art, poerty and theater. Oliver be presenting a selection of his still videos, possibly (tbd) accompanying the Street-Kraut-Rock band “Camera“, Continue Reading →


Zheng Yaohua | Behind

“Few people know what they look like from behind. This book consists photographs selected from my work between 2003 and 2007, might be seen as mirrors in a fitting room.

During the tough process of sequencing, scanning and dust-removing, I repeatedly stared at these portraitures and their fine details, sometimes seeing nothing, sometimes seeing something behind what I was looking at.”
Zheng Yaohua Continue Reading →

The Flaming Lips Feat. Lightning Bolt – I Wanna Get High But I Don’t Want Brain Damage

This actually a dream team joining for an unexpected piece of psychedelic nonsense. If you’re expecting a really beautiful new track by The Flaming Lips, you’ll be disappointed. If you can catch both bands live on (or under the) stage, go for it. If you like it, then this might be easier to understand. Lightning Bolt live is just an incredible freeing experience.



fLip Magazine

ACMV Co-Editor Oliver Schneider was published recently in the “Fantasy” Issue of fLip Magazine. Continue Reading →

Brigitte Fontaine – Il Pleut (1968)

Rainy day(s) in Berlin. Where’s summer?

Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests

I love almost still videos as you can see in my videos. Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests have been a big influence for me, he shot around 500 portraits and the original material was around two minutes each and was stretched to five minutes in slow motion. You can buy a limited edition DVD in an LP-shaped set with 13 original Ilford fiber paper photographs for 250 bucks here. The great music is by Britta Phillips and Dean Wareham. Dean Wareham is known to have played in Galaxie 500 and Luna.

[youtube MLpjmOWTMZI 575 460]