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artsolut Berlin

Posted on Juli 27, 2011 by Oliver Schneider

Sequence 3
from Oliver Schneider on Vimeo.

ACMV Co-Editor Oliver Schneider will take part in the “artsolut Berlin Festival” on August 16th 2011 at Lido, Berlin.

The Artsolut is a festival showcasing Berlin based artists from different genres such as music, film, art, poerty and theater. Oliver be presenting a selection of his still videos, possibly (tbd) accompanying the Street-Kraut-Rock band “Camera“, see the video below. Illustrator Stefan Fähler, who we already introduced to you here at ACMV, will be showing some his poster art as well. So please come over and experience the unpredictable results of this culture clash with us.

All participating artists:
Music: Suboptimal, Camera, Celina Bostic, Fabian Simon
Poetry: Julian Heun, Team Slamdog Millionaire, Frank Klötgen, Marten Misch
Art: Stefan Fähler
Film: Claire Walka & Fabian Daub, Oliver Schneider


Camera (Band)

from Marius Wawer on Vimeo.

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