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Swarm Light – rAndom International

Posted on Juli 7, 2011 by Oliver Schneider

[vimeo 15061560 575 320]

SWARM LIGHT by rAndom International 2010

The ‘Swarm Light‘ is an experimental light installation with a real ‚collective consciousness’ that subtly reacts to the viewer’s audible presence. The installation is a contemporary example of how the arbitrary boundaries of fine and decorative art, design and utility are no longer of immediate aesthetic relevance. An apparently inanimate object, ‘Swarm‘ unites crucial aspects of rAndom international‘s continued experimentation with light, behavioural responses and interactive spatial environments.

LEDs, polished brass rods, custom circuit boards, custom driver software and hardware, behavioural algorithm, sound sensors, computer & interface

Dim: 3 cubes, each cube 81cm by 81cm

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