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Yijun Liao | Experimental Relationship

Experimental Relationship (2007- Now)

“As a woman, I used to think I can only fall in love with someone that I adore, who is maturer than me, older than me, a protector, a mentor. Continue Reading →

Shlohmo – Just Us

Michael Robinson | From the air, darkly

“From the air, the expansive wheat fields of Western Australia are an impressive sight. But this view belies a darker side, much of this country struggles with drought and salinity. Continue Reading →


Annie Stephens

“These images are a selection of work from 2009 – 2011. My photography and photomontage pieces come from personal exploration and childhood superstitions documented from behind closed doors. I shoot within the familiar walls of home and surroundings working often in the tightest corners or crouched low to the floorboards.

I want to communicate with my own ghosts, to produce and document a voice that others might recognize. Continue Reading →

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Jürgen Bürgin

“I think my photography is a game, or a role play, somewhere placed between arts and reality – with an artwork that ideally lures the viewer into a realm of untold stories. And what the viewer might discover by entering this realm, is a little bit about people and their relationships to each other, a little bit about arts and perception, a little bit about the world and how we see the world – but foremost I hope that the viewer learns a lot about himself.” Continue Reading →

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Pietro Motisi | Manca Anima

Non avrei voluto essere d’altro che specchio
e di sponda restituire in superficie
tutto il fondo incolorire della luce
a chi su di me come da solo
rideva un proprio volto sconosciuto.
E invece ne trattengo dietro una macchia un colore
e a rispondere poi qualcosa di nuovo:
sono ancora incapace.

I wished I was made of nothing else than mirror glass
giving back off the cushion on the surface
all the deep encoloring of light
to the one smiling toward me as if alone
an unknown face of his own.
Instead I hold back a spot a colour
and to answer something new:
I am still unable.

Poem by Pietro’s friend Alfio Farbo Continue Reading →


Serena McCarroll | Three Women

The project “Three Women” centers on the creative lives of Susanna Bauer, Bernadette Greuel and Sister Maureen Maier.
I came to know these three women while living in the tiny farming community of Bruno, Saskatchewan (population 600). All three of them grew up in rural Saskatchewan and each succeeded in forging a unique path within a place and at a time where options were limited. For all three the surrounding landscape is intrinsic to her existence. Continue Reading →


Jonny Cochrane | I Want That

Our default condition is one of wanting. Often, we foolishly pander to our desire to have by attempting to get a little closer to the people, places and objects that we believe are symbolic of fulfillment, satisfaction, success and happiness. Continue Reading →

utl01utl02Under the leavesUnder the leavesutl11

Fabien Seguin | Under the Leaves

2010 – ongoing

“Under the leaves, something is happening, something is growing that will not abate until they return there for good”

Under the Leaves is a work striving to change our perception of vegetation. It is imbued with reverence for the silence and constancy of trees and flora. It intends to give a presence to vegetation, to emphasize that it is living of another kind of life than ours, that we cannot fathom, unconscious, obscure. Continue Reading →