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Star Rush | Transfiguring Intimacies

Mobile messaging, public telephones, private conversations in public places: in just the right moment, the split second really, we enter the space that collapse private introspection and public expression. In these photos, I explore two questions: (1) How am I when I can’t see me, but we see each other? and (2) What is the shape of isolation as mediums of exchange and transport transfigure intimacies into exterior landscapes? Continue Reading →


John Sutton | selected photographs

“In 1978 I was 23 years old when I moved from Boston to New York. Like many at that age I had little money, lived precariously, and was anxious to find a place and purpose in the world. Being in survival mode for extended periods shaped me in ways I’m probably still not aware of. The world of the late 1970′s, in flames economically, politically, and socially, was, if nothing else, a challenge. I did what I could to stay out of the way and find islands of refuge.

Looking back, photography appears as one of those islands. Continue Reading →


Simone Massera | I Am Not What You See and Hear

I Am Not What You See and Hear (2011)

Loneliness is not a function of solitude. It’s not about being alone; it’s about feeling alone. Our world is mediated through our individual and always subjective perception of it, giving us the illusion of being the absolute centre of the universe. This makes us feel we are special and unique. With this uniqueness comes a sense of being always lonely. We seek love and acceptance wherever we can find it in order to transcend our loneliness. Filling our lives with online friends and pursuing these kinds of relationships, we often use the superficiality of digital interactions as an anaesthetic against this condition, this existential angst. Continue Reading →


Tom Griggs

Tom Griggs‘ beautiful and intimate pictures give me a feeling of being understood by somebody I don’t actually know and have never met before. They immediately connected to me, an inner view that lets you close to him, a slow attention to tiny everyday details that let me into his life. His work is an ongoing narrative about life, death, loss and transience told with a sophisticated use of color and light; his pictures are literally shining. Continue Reading →

ACMV at fototazo

Actual colors may vary was invited by Tom Griggs of the fantastic fototazo to participate in his “f100 series” on photographers who deserve more recognition:

☞ Read more about our recommendations on fototazo. Continue Reading →


Barry W Hughes | Failed Photographs

Failed Photographs (2011) is a collection of photographs taken from my family albums. In each case the photographs display an obvious visual failure to that which was originally intended. Photographs like these have existed in many family archives for decades, but until recently the use of digital cameras – and on the spot editing – has resulted in the decline of such mistakes. Continue Reading →

Ruined Polaroid 18Ruined Polaroid 19Ruined Polaroid 35Ruined Polaroid 38Ruined Polaroid 40ruined-polaroid-45Ruined Polaroid 47Ruined Polaroid 50Ruined Polaroid 51

William Miller | Ruined Polaroids

“I have been, for most of my career, a photojournalist. In this context, I have been interested in interpreting through photography, stories and narratives that I encounter in the world. Here the camera is the tool with which I focus outwards. That said, I find myself in the unusual position of perusing a photographic endeavor whose only narrative is the internal processes of photography itself. Continue Reading →

Umter Magazine | Issue #3

Umter Magazine Issue Three is out now! Issue #3 is a celebration of the current contemporary visual artworks, featuring work from the UK, USA and Germany.

Contributing artists:
Leanne Downs / Ellen Jantzen / Matt Kerr / Jessica MacDonald / Kati Mennett / Dead Porcupine / Julia Schiller / Paris Visone

Umter Magazine is a visual-arts based online magazine. It aims to showcase artists while pushing forward an ongoing critical discourse within contemporary photography and image-making. They curate and publish online issues (PDF) bi-monthly, and will be posting themes for issues and calls for entries.
Editor and founder, Joe Gasior, started Umter Magazine after graduating from University as a way to stay involved with image makers and create a photographic conversation.

Download Issue #3 here
Umter Magazine

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