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Werner Amann | American

Werner Amann’s photo book ‘American’, deals with the people and landscapes of America. For this, he developed a visual language, in which cineastic clichés and semblances, meet intimate and fragile moments. Continue Reading →

Soap, 2011Dani, 2011Tree, 2011Megan, 2011Blue cloth, 2011Sherry, 2011Tree with trailer, 2011Gwen, 2011Heart, 2011

Collin Avery | Here nor There

“In the project entitled, “Here nor There” I am continuing to examine my interest with the intricacies and oddities of my immediate environment. As a child, I always remember being very keen to my surroundings and paying close attention to the quiet nuances often overlooked by others. Continue Reading →


J A Mortram | Market Town

For the last 18 months together with people on or far beyond the outskirts of my local Market Towns community I have been recording through collaborative environmental portraiture, audio and video interviews coupled with straight documentary shoots their life stories and memories, musings, hopes and struggles. Continue Reading →

Jonti – Firework Spraying Moon (2011)

from his debut album Twirligig on Stones Throw, fall 2011 http://stonesthrow.com/jonti