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Atem Books & Ubicuo Studio

Posted on November 29, 2011 by Julia Schiller

Publishing whirlwinds Maria Cerezo and Emma Llensa have been involved with digital and printed matter since March 2009. They started with the online & print magazine Carpaccio Magazine – then they evolved and began publishing wonderful little books of emerging artists at their publishing house as well – Atem Books.

Right now, Ubicuo Studio is the next exciting step!

Using code instead of InDesign, Ubicuo Studio offers digital books, books for iPad, books published in the form of downloadable Apps. Ubicuo books are not just PDFs or eBooks, they are fully developed multimedia applications which take advantage of all the features & possibilities iPads offer us. Ubicuo books can include audio, video, hyperlinks, hypertext… – resulting in diverse multimedia projects which couldn’t be translated into print books.

Tusk‘ by emerging spanish film photographer Ana Cabaleiro is the first photobook (App) for iPad published by Atem Books & Ubicuo Studio. It is available for download on the iTunes App Store!

Maria and Emma say about Ubicuo:

“Ubicuo Studio is defining itself right now [simultaneous collective/individual experience].
But we like the word Ubiquitous: being liberated from the codex – being liberated from the space. The idea of everywhere, or seeming to be everywhere, elsewhere.
No physical scarcity. Just reproduction. Infinite perfect copies of – what? Infinite perfect copies of nothing. Just re-thinking the concept of aura. No scarcity and no more mass media. Just long tails. Just what we want and when we want it.
Exploring new forms – new possibilities

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