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SMBH Magazine | ISSUE #9 Alternative Vision

Issue #9 of SuperMassiveBlackHole is out now!
Under the theme “Alternative Vision” SMBH Editor Barry W Hughes put together a highly interesting issue, as we think.

The contributors are
Aline Smithson / Andrey Bogush / Bríd O’Donovan / David Thomas Smith / Ellen Jantzen / Erin O’Keefe / James Parkin / Jamie House / Julia Schiller / Katrin Korfmann / Mocksim / Olivia Bowman / Peter Cibak / Tom Flynn Continue Reading →

Miriam O’Connor | Attention Seekers – A solo show at Galleri Image, Denmark

Miriam O’ Connor’s beautiful series “Attention Seekers” (2010-11) will have a solo show at Galleri Image from January 06th – February 12th, 2012.
Galleri Image, Vestergade 29, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark.

Friday 6th January 16-19 / The artist will be present. Continue Reading →

Fraction Magazine Holiday Print Sale

We believe David Bram’s Fraction Magazine Holiday Print Sale is the perfect opportunity to give someone you love (or yourself) the gift of art!
Like Sarah Moore said,

Say no to mass-produced stuff from the big stores this year, and say yes to beautiful photographs!Continue Reading →

Mariya Ustymenko | Motion and Silence | #01Mariya Ustymenko | Motion and Silence | #02Mariya Ustymenko | Motion and Silence | #03Mariya Ustymenko | Motion and Silence | #04Mariya Ustymenko | Motion and Silence | #05Mariya Ustymenko | Motion and Silence | #06Mariya Ustymenko | Motion and Silence | #07Mariya Ustymenko | Motion and Silence | #08Mariya Ustymenko | Motion and Silence | #09

Mariya Ustymenko | Motion and Silence

Motion and Silence is a set in progress. It moves through time and space, or rather through times and places, being unattached and dislocated, yet complete in itself at any given moment of pause. Each photograph presents a snippet in a mosaic, a story within a story. The narrative is broken and non-linear, there is no starting point and no ending, no questions posed, no answers given. Yet captured in their flight are perfect moments. Perfect in their imperfections. In their fragility. In the importance of all the bigger pictures left outside their frames. Continue Reading →

Wire – Heartbeat (1979)

From “Wire on The Box” (DVD/ CD album – pinkflag)
[Wire live on WDR Television in 1979]
Available from – http://pinkflag.greedbag.com

Big Black – Heartbeat (1987)



Dara McGrath | EDGELANDS

The deserted rural spaces of the East European national borderlands are spaces in flux.
Now devoid of border controls, they are in the process of being decommissioned and abandoned. No longer strategic points on a map, but neither fully blank spaces, they are spaces-in-between, and are difficult arenas to absorb and comprehend.
This shifting of recent political positions, after centuries of European conflict, to one of a willingness to engage in dialogue and mutual interest and enlightenment coincided with the internal migratory shifts of people out of social and economic necessity. Continue Reading →

Edmund X White | Cheap Pets | #01Edmund X White | Cheap Pets | #02Edmund X White | Cheap Pets | #03Edmund X White | Cheap Pets | #04Edmund X White | Cheap Pets | #05Edmund X White | Cheap Pets | #06Edmund X White | Cheap Pets | #07

Edmund X White | Cheap Pets

Cheap Pets
Created November 2011

“I bought a replacement umbrella at the bodega for 3 dollars; the function was replaceable but the individual thing of course was not. Its delicate limbs and webbing spoke to a strength of purpose greater than its price suggested. I was reminded of the cheap pets at pet stores: fish with translucent bellies, luxuriously furred rodents, bright songbirds. Price and value fighting at the lost and found bin. Consumerism played out in these glorious sidewalk deaths.” Continue Reading →

Pamela Condell | Inversion | #01Pamela Condell | Inversion | #02Pamela Condell | Inversion | #03Pamela Condell | Inversion | #04Pamela Condell | Inversion | #05Pamela Condell | Inversion | #06Pamela Condell | Inversion | #07Pamela Condell | Inversion | #08Pamela Condell | Inversion | #09

Pamela Condell | Inversion

Created: March – June 2011, Berlin, Germany.

Recently, the continued theme in my work is built around the domestic and the structure of life within a home, the physical nature of the interior and exterior/human interactions and relations/memories/possessions, etc. Home to me is many things, banal and everyday but always of the utmost importance. We all experience moments within our individual contexts of home or family, but do not necessarily share them beyond the physical construct of our own setting. There is an unspoken curiosity to see how others have these moments. Continue Reading →


Garvan Gallagher | My Way

Garvan Gallagher – My Way (2010-2011)

Interpreting the word ‘invisible’, a word commonly used by older people about their place in society, is the basis of this body of work. In particular, I am looking at the area of fashion and whether fashion abandons older people or whether older people simply abandon fashion. Choosing a style, each participant put him or herself forward to reinterpret a fashion shoot from Vogue and other fashion magazines, substituting the younger body for the older body. This series of photographs was made while on an artist residency with Draíocht (Blanchardstown, West Dublin). A video piece along with two other photographic series document the participants in more detail, and in particular their thoughts on growing older with fashion. Continue Reading →