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Mahesh Shantaram – Addis Ababa

“Much of my work is personal, experiential, and purely subjective. There is no urgent story that needs telling and the only truth in it is what I make up along the way. My trip to Addis Ababa was motivated by a simple desire to go some place about which I had very little knowledge and start the process of discovery from virtually zero. This series is the result of a quest for the colour of Africa.”

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PHOTOTALKS: Phil Underdown

ACMV is now also featuring selected phototalks previously published by our partner Urbanautica.

PHOTOTALKS: ‘Phil Underdown’
Written by David Pollock
© courtesy of Phil Underdown

1. Regarding the project Grassland. What interested you about this area and what topographic and geographic characteristics were useful for exploring  your interpretations of Landscape?

«My introduction to the site was a gradual one. Over the years, I would bicycle by the entrance, which was gated and clearly off limits. By the time it became a wildlife preserve and opened to the public, I was very curious. Entering the Grasslands for the first time was very much like entering a land that had once been forbidden. That the main part of the site is hidden from the outside, really reinforced my desire to see it as a separate land, defined by its borders, topography, and patterns of usage. Continue Reading →


Lukasz Wierzbowski

I’m 28 years old, self taught photographer currently living and working in Wroclaw.
In my works I try capture the relationship between the model and the surrounding in its purest form.
Every session is a kind of a journey both for me and my models as I don’t like to plan all the details of the sessions in advance, I like to be inspired by the mood of the place and models attitude. I try to catch the in-between moments giving the photos a kind of movie stills vibe. Continue Reading →


Artur Sikora | Coffee flavour

Time with a cup of coffee it’s time to focus and clear your mind, to hunker down and get ready for the day. It is simultaneously a wonderful way to relax and to lose touch with reality for a moment, time to slow down and recharge, time for “Coffee flavour “. Continue Reading →


Andrés Medina | El Río

El Río (2011–current)

This project originates in  my need to photograph something alien to me – a strange and far-off place. An approach to the wild and indomitable landscape of a river, the Tajo (Spain). Covering different areas of this river, I try to record pieces of landscape and the profound imprints of human activity on this place. A territory where men and animals meet and relate to each other, giving rise to conflicts of interests and supremacy. I am interested in finding the irrational sense of survival that permeates these lands on the banks of the Tajo river. One can still recognise the struggle that man has always maintained with nature. Continue Reading →


Brice Bischoff | Bronson Caves

A Brief Explanation of the Series Bronson Caves

The Bronson Caves are located in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park and are famous as a stage set to countless motion pictures and television shows. The caves are actually man made and were originally a rock quarry during the early 1900s used to lay streets for an expanding Los Angeles. A hundred years of filmmaking has occurred at the caves imaging events from explosions and gun fights to the discovery of cave paintings. Reflecting on this history, the caves are documented on various formats and film stocks over time as an unchanging landscape amidst a chaotic specter of fictional realities. Continue Reading →


Group exhibition with work by Alexander Fichert, Zorana Musikic, Sarah Sperling, Charlotte Zellerhoff

Vernissage: Friday, 13.01.2012 – 7 pm
Exhibition: 14.-29.1.2012 -  Wed – Sun 4 – 7 pm (and by appointment)
premarts berlin // galerie werkstatt projektraum
oppelner str. 34 – 10997 berlin – tel. +49-30-7007 1860
www.premarts.de Continue Reading →

Boniface Mwangi | NEVER AGAIN

Workshop in Cooperation with the ifa – Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen:


Multi Media Presentation by Boniface Mwangi, Kenya
Introduced by IngridMwangiRobertHutter

Thursday, 19th January 2012 at 7 pm
ifa Gallery Berlin, Linienstraße 139/140, 1011 5 Berlin

☞ More infos at Neue Schule für Fotografie Berlin

Sergey Chilikov | Selected Works 1978 – 2011

Vernissage: 19.01.2012, 7 pm
Exhibition: 20.01. – 25.02.2012
pavlov’s dog | space for photography | Bergstrasse 19 | 10115 Berlin Continue Reading →


disappear | leather handcrafts from Sicily

Whenever Pietro Motisi takes a short break from his photography projects, he is working on the most beautiful leather handcrafts. Under the brand name “disappear” he offers a variety of gorgeous handmade leather goods such as laptop bags, notebook skins (e.g. Moleskine second skin), portfolios, pocket wallets, keychains – not to forget smart accessories for bicycles (handlebar leather grips, pocket frame bike bags etc.). Continue Reading →