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ACMVs Electronic Psychedelica, Part 1

ACMV is starting a new series about psychedelic music that was recorded with the help various early electronic instruments, self-made effect gear and the skills of outstanding producers of experimental psychedelic pop music. Starting in the year 1957 this odyssey will take you through the multicolored psychedelic scene of the late 1960s and early Seventies, guiding you further through the rise of early Prog-Rock, electronic “Kraut-Rock”, Proto-Disco, Almost-New-Wave and Pre-Electronica from Germany, France, UK, USA, Canada, Turkey, Japan, Brazil, Australia, Switzerland, Italy, Iran and Pakistan. Continue Reading →

MoMA | Millenium Magazines

February 20–May 14, 2012
Organized by Rachael Morrison and David Senior, MoMA Library

This survey of experimental art and design magazines published since 2000 explores the various ways in which contemporary artists and designers utilize the magazine format as an experimental space for the presentation of artworks and text.

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1_flower guy47 years... Well, you did give me an introduction, but I’m still not convinced about why you’d like to take my picture.It’s not been half a century yet...41 years, and this workshop is the only place I've ever worked in.Since I was 11, means fifty something years. My dad was a shoemaker though...I don’t know how long. My dad worked in this shop until he was 95, and then I took over, I’m 72...Retired, as they say! My wife kicks me out of the house in the morning, every day, I come to the park and play backgammon and sometimes chess, all day long.When I replied the school boys' english greeting in Persian, with a thick Esfahani accent, they went crazy – and each one of them wanted to have a picture taken.Local warehouse.

Alireza Abbasy | Portraits of professions

November 2011, Esfahan, Iran.
It’s an ancient and prosperous city with a population of 3.5 million, and used to be the capital of the country for a few centuries. The city is proud of its contributions to the Iranian society and culture, proud of the exceptional novelists, poets, musicians, and composers who grew up in, and were nurtured by city of Esfahan. Continue Reading →

Quick Brown Fox

Quick Brown Fox is a curated blog by Alex Rose, a photographer from Dublin, Ireland. Alex has an interest in the self publishing world and wanted to create an outlet for photographers to produce mini projects away from their normal practice.
Quick Brown Fox
was the product of this idea. She wanted to see how one word alone could inspire a piece of work from for a photographer and having completed their own project they then pass on a word to another photographer. It is updated twice a week but towards the end of the month will become weekly. She is looking for submissions of all kinds. Continue Reading →

Nick Rochowski and Tim Bowditch | Hind LandNick Rochowski and Tim Bowditch | Hind LandNick Rochowski and Tim Bowditch | Hind LandNick Rochowski and Tim Bowditch | Hind LandNick Rochowski and Tim Bowditch | Hind LandNick Rochowski and Tim Bowditch | Hind LandNick Rochowski and Tim Bowditch | Hind LandNick Rochowski and Tim Bowditch | Hind LandNick Rochowski and Tim Bowditch | Hind LandNick Rochowski and Tim Bowditch | Hind Land

Nick Rochowski and Tim Bowditch | Hind Land

Hind Land is a collaboration between photographers Nick Rochowski and Tim Bowditch, surveying the pedestrian walkways beneath London’s Orbital M25 motorway. Continue Reading →

The Postcard Collective

Call for Entries: Spring 2012

The Postcard Collective is now looking for 10 artists to participate in the Spring 2012 exchange alongside 20 of their active members.
Deadline: Entries accepted until 11:59 pm, March 1st 2012.
☞ Visit their blog for submission details

Postcard above © Aimee León / The Postcard Collective / Winter 2011 Exchange Continue Reading →

Neonchocolate Gallery | .Compressed

Berlin’s Neonchocolate Gallery is celebrating 2 years & 100 exhibitions with a special group exhibition & auction: .COMPRESSED
(Urban Art / Painting / Photography / Illustration / Collage / Design)

Preview and Exhibition: March 5–8, 2012, daily 7 pm – midnight
Live auction: March 8, 2012 at 7 pm
at .HBC Berlin, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 9.

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Patrick Joust

Patrick Joust is a 34 year old photographer living in Baltimore, Maryland. Born in the small town of Oroville, California, Patrick has gone back and forth between both coasts of the United States, before settling permanently in Baltimore in 2006 where he works as a reference librarian. The people and places of Baltimore have played a central part in his work, influencing how and where he points his camera both within and outside the city limits. Photography appeals to Patrick for the connections it can create. He finds “analog” photography especially interesting because of its tangible nature and aesthetic, particularly the detail and clarity that can be achieved with medium format film. Continue Reading →

Arnold Newman | Masterclass

3 March to 20 May 2012
Opening Friday, 2 March . 7 pm
C/O Berlin

“I am interested in what motivates people, what they do with their lives. I would have made a good psychiatrist.”
Arnold Newman Continue Reading →

Ron Galella | Paparazzo Extraordinaire

Dec 10, 2011 – Feb 26, 2012
C/O Berlin

“If someone says ‘no photos!’ then I try not to take any more. However, before he says that I take as many as I can. That’s the game”.
Ron Galella

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