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© Aimee León / The Postcard Collective / Winter 2011 Exchange

The Postcard Collective

Posted on Februar 16, 2012 by Julia Schiller

Call for Entries: Spring 2012

The Postcard Collective is now looking for 10 artists to participate in the Spring 2012 exchange alongside 20 of their active members.
Deadline: Entries accepted until 11:59 pm, March 1st 2012.
☞ Visit their blog for submission details

Postcard above © Aimee León / The Postcard Collective / Winter 2011 Exchange

About The Postcard Collective:

Motivated by an intrinsic human desire to share experience, our mission is to build and maintain a network of individuals who seek to share their art with each other in the form of postcards, to open up a direct line of communication between artists, and to promote a sense of camaraderie and connectedness throughout the Collective.

Modus operandi
The Postcard Collective is a long-term collaborative project, founded in April 2010 by Camden Hardy. The Collective operates under a semi-structured format in which members opt into exchanges that occur once every three months. These projects each have their own themes and deadlines. Members are also encouraged to create and share postcards outside the framework of the projects if they feel so inclined.

The Postcard Collective
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