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Alex Rose | I didn't sign up for this

Alex Rose | I didn’t sign up for this

Posted on Mai 11, 2012 by Julia Schiller

I didn’t sign up for this is a project based around recovering from an illness. I developed blood clots on the left hand side of my body and many were close to my vital organs. I fell ill while I was on holiday in Berlin and the language barrier meant at times, it was impossible to ask for help. Whenever I would hear footsteps approaching my room, I would always think that it was someone coming to tell me bad news. Being away from home, I grew fearful of my surroundings in the hospital and this project is a result of me returning home to Ireland with a fresh outlook on things and rediscovering my environs and also my personal relationships with my partner, family and friends.

Alex Rose (b. 1990) is a photographer born and based in Dublin, Ireland. She is currently studying for her BA (hons) in Photography at IADT. Her work mainly focuses on personal issues through the medium of landscapes and portraits. She also curates Quick Brown Fox.

Alex is currently participating and organising an exhibition called inland with a fellow curator, Jane Cummins. inland is a group show consisting of eleven photographers. The theme is based around the idea that during this tough economic climate with many people migrating and leaving their homes that we need to re-discover our identity within Ireland, on a cultural and personal level.
They are currently trying to fund this project through a Fundit page and would really like if anyone could help. Check them out here:

Explore more of Alex Rose’s work on

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