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Amaury da Cunha | Après toutAmaury da Cunha | Après toutAmaury da Cunha | Après toutAmaury da Cunha | Après toutAmaury da Cunha | Après toutAmaury da Cunha | Après toutAmaury da Cunha | Après toutAmaury da Cunha | Après toutAmaury da Cunha | Après toutAmaury da Cunha | Après tout | Book Cover, éditions Le Caillou bleu, hardcover, 64 pagesAmaury da Cunha | Après tout | Invitation to the Exhibition at Espace Lhomond Paris

Amaury da Cunha | Après tout

Après tout (After All) represents a turning point in the work of Amaury da Cunha.
His previous series, Saccades (Jolts), was somewhat luminous, infused with a sense of wonder facing the world. Après tout darkens in tone, as wonder gives way to bewilderment. Invading shadows are the backdrop for a photographer depicting himself as blinded. Death and sex are less allusive. A dog bares its fangs, while a bird of prey claws a branch. Yet shafts of light or a glimpsed road suggest that the end is not as impending as we may think. Continue Reading →

Lars Tunbjörk | VinterLars Tunbjörk | VinterLars Tunbjörk | VinterLars Tunbjörk | VinterLars Tunbjörk | VinterLars Tunbjörk | VinterLars Tunbjörk | VinterLars Tunbjörk | VinterLars Tunbjörk | Vinter

Lars Tunbjörk | Vinter

Snowbound streets, buildings and abandoned cars, a dirty snowman standing forlorn in a garden.
But interiors too, and portraits of people in their homes, at work, in cafés and at parties.

For his series Vinter (Winter), Lars Tunbjörk travelled through Sweden from 2004 to 2007 capturing the melancholy winter atmosphere of Northern Europe and recording the mental state that closes in on the people of Scandinavia in the dark months of the year. For Tunbjörk himself, the project was originally primarily a creative way to cope with his own depressive mood, which regularly beset him in the winter months. Continue Reading →



PICTURE BERLIN, founded in 2009, is a nonprofit artist initiated hybrid residency/art academy which encourages participating artists to engage in an active discourse surrounding art and contemporary photography while simultaneously giving them a chance to develop their work. This perspective is unusual within a European residency context as the program facilitates each individual approach by offering close mentoring from internationally practicing artists and free-lance curators based in Berlin. Next summer, 2013, will mark the fourth Summer Session. PICTURE BERLIN is a 5 week program. Continue Reading →

Instant Coffees – Students Edition Photography Screening Show | Finalists

The finalists for the Instant Coffees – Students Edition Photography Screening Show have been announced. Congratulations to the following participants:

  • Ignacio Navas – LINDE
  • Tatjiana Schorl – DAS WESEN
  • Jose Manuel Fernandez – BARRIO
  • Vilhem Stockstad – REFUGEE
  • Sunil Shah – UGANDA STORIES
  • Tina Remiz – KRIEVI                                                              
  • George Scane – PERIPHERAL

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Pietro Motisi | CementoPietro Motisi | CementoPietro Motisi | CementoPietro Motisi | CementoPietro Motisi | CementoPietro Motisi | CementoPietro Motisi | CementoPietro Motisi | CementoPietro Motisi | Cemento

Pietro Motisi | Cemento

Cemento is a photographic project realized with the intention to build a map; it is a work about Sicily made as a path of sensations and perceptions with an eye on the relation between the space and the identity of its inhabitants.

The assumption of this project is to create, quoting the Italian photographer Luigi Ghirri, a ‘zig-zag’ path in which nothing has to be precluded and in which the photographer has to follow his perceptions. That has to be made in order to find/create a track to follow inside a given space, no matter if it is physical or conceptual, and from that track let emerge some of the peculiar characteristics of the secular relationship that links humans to this territory. Continue Reading →

Instant Coffees – Call for Entries

Instant Coffees – Photography Platform is calling all recent graduates to submit photography slideshows or multimedia pieces to its photography screening in Bristol on October 25th, 2012.

The screening will be held in conjunction with UWE (University of the West of England) and Blank Paper School (Madrid, Spain).

The deadline for submissions is October 19th 2012, Midnight GMT. Continue Reading →

European Month of Photography Berlin | Portfolio Review

For the first time, the European Month of Photography Berlin is offering a portfolio review. It will take place in the Berlinische Galerie at the conclusion of the festival on 24 and 25 November 2012. Continue Reading →

European Month of Photography Berlin 2012 / MdF Berlin / EMoP BerlinSwedish Photography © Lars Tunbjörk: Avesta 2007Thibault Brunet im Computerspielemuseum © Thibault Brunet: aus der Serie Vice CityC/O Berlin © Joel Sternfeld: A Woman Out Shopping With Her Pet Rabbit, Santa Monica, California, August 1998Fahnemann Projects © Michael Wesely: Palast der Republik, Berlin (28.6.2006 - 19.12.2008), 2008PHOTOPLATZ c/o Hotel Bogota © Antoine d’Agata: O.T. | Untitled (Kuba), 2010Pavlov`s Dog Raum für Fotografie © Michael Wesely: Pavel Pavlov (15.09 - 15.14 Uhr, 7.5.2012), 2012OSTKREUZ Agentur der Fotografen c/o Haus der Kulturen der Welt © Dawin Meckel: Aus der Serie | From the series Lubicon Cree, 2012Pinter & Milch – Galerie für Fotografie René Groebli: O.T. aus der Serie | Untitled from the series Das Auge der Liebe, 1953 © René Groebli Courtesy Pinter & Milch Galerie für Fotografiebobsairport c/o do you read me?! Julius Steffens: Superheld, 2011 © Julius Steffens BobsairportGalerie Wagner + Partner © Erwin Olaf: The Keyhole 2, 2011Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie. Abschlussklasse 2012  © Birte Kaufmann: o.T., 2011

5th European Month of Photography Berlin 2012

From October 19 – November 25 2012, the European Month of Photography Berlin (Europäischer Monat der Fotografie Berlin / MdF Berlin), the most important German photography festival, will take place for the fifth time.

Once every two years, more than 100 institutions in Berlin – including museums, cultural institutions, private collections, galleries, embassies, state offices, photography schools and project spaces – present exhibitions and events focussing on historical and contemporary photography.

Within the framework of the 5th European Month of Photography Berlin, over 200 events will be presented in addition to the 110 exhibitions.
The spectrum of events ranges from private viewings, tours and talks, to workshops, seminars and readings, to competitions and film screenings.

On Thursday, 18 October at 7:30 pm the festival opening takes place in the Akademie der Künste. Starting at 8:00 pm, it is possible to see the exhibition Cairo. Open City New Testimonies from an Ongoing Revolution in the Festival Centre on Pariser Platz.

Tip: Have a look at the route suggestions on the MdF website, which combine exhibitions with cultural & culinary strolls through the city – or plan your schedule according to thematic aspects such as Voyeurism, Cultural and National Identities, Urban and Peripheral Spaces, Berlin, Personal Identity and more!

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Zoltan Jokay, IN TRANSIT #2Zoltan Jokay, IN TRANSIT #4Karen Stuke, Sleeping SisterOlaf Spillner, IN TRANSIT #2Anja Schoeller, NakbarAndreas Burger, Das papierlose BüroIN TRANSIT – The View Of The Other(s)

IN TRANSIT – The View of the Other(s)

OPENING: Wednesday, 17.10.2012, 7 pm, Ostkreuz Berlin railway station, Sonntagstrasse/Markgrafendamm, 10245 Berlin
18.10. – 30.11.2012

‘IN TRANSIT – The view of the Other(s)’ takes up the challenge of comprehending photography as a documentary, artistic and political description of the world and presenting it as a participatory project in a public in-transit room at the Ostkreuz Berlin railway station.

Curator Jaana Prüss (Morgengrün Kommunikation) situates ‘the view of the other’ in a discourse on our contemporary societies by drawing images by professional and art photographers into a ‘dialogue of views’ with images by fellow citizens, passers-by and visitors to the European Month of Photography Berlin (EMoP Berlin) who respond to an open call. Continue Reading →

Young New England Photographers | Call for Submissions

Liana, Paolo and Robert proudly present Young New England Photographers (YNEP), a juried showcase that aims to digitally publish photographic work by recent graduates from educational institutions in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. Continue Reading →