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Pavlov’s Dog | BER – Bilder einer Stadt

Opening: Thursday 11th of April, 2013, 7pm
Exhibition: 12.4. – 18.5. 2013
Pavlov’s Dog, Berlin

Berlin: No other city stirs so many longings and desires. And yet – everyone loves something different about this town, in which one is currently beginning to re-build an ancient palace. Berlin 2013 is a city full of contradictions: Booming start-ups and airport disasters, property boom and nostalgia for the Berlin Wall, Berghain and Waldorf Astoria. Artists have always had a particular visual sense for cracks and rifts, both of which are so apparent in Berlin. That is why pavlov’s dog is now looking onto Berlin – in 50 photographs by 50 photographers: Continue Reading →

Phases Photography Magazine

Phases is an online magazine focusing on fresh contemporary photography.
Publishing weekly an idiosyncratic blend of posts presenting the work of photographers from all over the world.

Phases is curated by Jérôme Montagne, a french designer, and Alexis Vasilikos, a photographer from Greece.


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You I Landscape

Triennale Jeune Création 2013 – Luxembourg et Grande Région
14 Mar – 28 Apr 2013
CarréRotondes / 1, rue de l’Aciérie / 1112 Luxembourg / Thu 14-22, Fri-Sun 14-19 Continue Reading →

UMLAUT Festival Berlin 2013

4th festival for contemporary music

Umlaut Berlin is a collective of three Berlin based musicians in the field of improvised / experimental / contemporary music, Pierre Borel (sax), Florian Bergmannn (sax/bcl) and Hannes Lingens (dr/acc). The collective runs the Umlaut Festival Berlin and a vaguely monthly concert series and is part of the European network and label Umlaut Records. Continue Reading →

ACMV on Tumblr!

ACMV now has an accompanying Tumblr as well!

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ACMV’s Tumblr

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'Grandpa, two weeks before his 97th birthday, Farmington, Iowa, 2013' © Ben Huff'Georgia,The Day After the Family Dog Died' © Susan Worsham'Allison (Apples)' © Shane Lavalette'Dad, 2013' © Todd Stewart'He said 'I Hate the Sun'' © Brian Widdis'Mr Chang' © Hin Chua'Untitled' © Justin James Reed'Untitled' © Miriam O'Connor'Zephyr, Woodstock, New York, 2013' © Rachel Papo'David March 2013' © Jim Mortram'Audrey, Spring (2013)' © Youngna Park'Untitled' © Phil Toledano

Someone I Know

Someone I Know‘ is the latest project to be curated by photographer Stuart Pilkington.  It brings together some of the best known emerged and emerging photographers from across the globe.

The brief for the photographers was to take a portrait of someone they know, no matter how loosely.  Continue Reading →