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Publikations-Dummies, Motiv: © Andri Pol

Theater Neumarkt, Zurich | Call for entries

Posted on Juli 29, 2013 by ACMV

Theater Neumarkt a theatre in Zurich, Switzerland is now accepting photographic submissions based under the themes of:

  1. OPEN CITY / ARRIVAL CITY (based on the concept of Arrival City by Doug Saunders same titled book)
  2. GLÜCK translated as happiness, fortune, luck, felicity
  3. NO MARKT – WIR DEMONTIEREN! which translates as: No market – we dismantle!

About the themes:

The themes being very different should be read very openly. We are looking for engaging
contemporary photographic works in color from all disciplines and persuasions of photographic practice. We welcome entries from professional, student and amateur photographers both nationally and internationally. We require vertical formats for our purposes.

If you can read german, here is more information available on the theatre and the themes in PDF format.

About the concept:

The new designated artistic direction of the Theater Neumarkt in Zurich is organizing it activities based around themed platforms of three months length each. It aims at opening the theatre, thereby creating a space for the exchange of ideas between different art forms, launching participatory talks about relevant societal discourses, lectures, concerts and dinners.

As part of the communication with the public the theatre also aims at finding appropriate
participatory practices for its visual communication. The selected 30 images from the submissions will be presented as book jackets of the three platform publications which are distributed for free (with a print run of approx. 200 for each image), as a public billboard in Zurich, as posters in Swiss cultural institutions and as a rotating presentation on the website of the theatre.

Submission Guidelines:

Deadline for entries is August 2nd 2013, midnight CEST for the theme: OPEN CITY. For GLÜCK and NO MARKT it is September 10th 2013 (but the actual processing will happen much later for these).

  • Please send a maximum of 30 vertical color images per theme (jpeg format / 72dpi / 900px on the longest side)* in a zipped file to info (at) larswillumeit (dot) com, with the subject line „Neumarkt Submission
  • Please name your images as follows: LastName_FirstName_01.jpg and include caption infos like copyright, date, place etc. within the metadata of the jpg file
  • In case the images are part of a series, please include a text file with your statement/project description
  • include a link to your portfolio/website in your E-Mail

*In case your work is selected, we will ask you for higher resolution images.

Important Note:
By submitting your photographs you declare to be the copyright owner on
the submitted images, and as the owner, to allow permission for these pictures to be printed (and moderately cropped based on layout needs) by Theater Neumarkt as book jackets of the platform publication which is distributed for free (with a print run of approx. 200 for each image), as a public billboard in Zurich, as posters in swiss cultural institutions and as a rotating presentation on the website of the theatre. If your image is chosen to be included in the platform, as renumeration you will reveice a fee of 150 CHF upon invoice plus three voucher copies of the publication. Copyright remains with the owner at all times and the owner will always be properly credited.

We are looking forward to your interpretations of the themes!
Please feel free to share this call for submissions with fellow photographers.
Lars Willumeit
photo consultant
for Müller+Hess &
Theater Neumarkt, Zurich/Switzerland

Image: Publikations-Dummies, Motiv: © Andri Pol

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