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Belfast Photo Festival & ACMV

ACMV will be going to Belfast for the opening of the Belfast Photo Festival 2013 on June 6th. Hurray! Further details soon. In the meantime we’ll keep you posted about the programme & festival events…

Our special thanks to Peggy Sue Amison, freelance curator and Artistic Director of Sirius Arts Centre in Cobh, for making this collaboration possible, and of course to Michael Weir (Festival Director) and the entire festival team. We’re looking forward to it!

The Belfast Photo Festival is Northern Ireland’s premier visual arts festival and the photographic biennial for the island of Ireland.

This major photographic event celebrates some of the finest national and international contemporary photography and visual culture, with the next festival taking place from 6th June 2013. Continue Reading →

UMLAUT Festival Berlin 2013

4th festival for contemporary music

Umlaut Berlin is a collective of three Berlin based musicians in the field of improvised / experimental / contemporary music, Pierre Borel (sax), Florian Bergmannn (sax/bcl) and Hannes Lingens (dr/acc). The collective runs the Umlaut Festival Berlin and a vaguely monthly concert series and is part of the European network and label Umlaut Records. Continue Reading →

ACMV on Tumblr!

ACMV now has an accompanying Tumblr as well!

Follow actualcolorsmayvary.tumblr.com for combined updates from ACMV’s website & Facebook Page, as well as weekly highlights from fellow photographers on Tumblr!

ACMV’s Tumblr

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Aphrodite’s Child | The Four Horsemen

Amazing psych-pop that sounds like a blueprint for the “Rave”-Rock era starting in the mid-1980s in the UK, and still surprisingly contemporary.

Find more Psychedelic Music – Lost in Time and Space – from all around the world on Oliver’s Tumblr Kopfleuchten!


spiegel #1 | she was able to fog a mirror

spiegel #1: “she was able to fog a mirror.”
by Hannah Goldstein & April Gertler
curated by
Fabio Campagna

Opening: Friday, March 22nd, 2013, 7 pm
Exhibition: March 26 – April 12, 2013
Finissage: Thursday 11th of April, 8pm
Tuesday – Friday: 4-7pm
and by appointment: + 49 (0) 174 659 8464
CORPO 6 GALERIE Berlin / Lichtenberg
Devil&Bride (roots. electronics) Live Set 9:30 pm

she was able to fog a mirror” is a photography site-specific project by Hannah Goldstein and April Gertler, curated by Fabio Campagna, which explores the theme of fragility and its strategic role within the delicacy of our relational dynamics. Continue Reading →

Larry Gus – Achilleas Kyriakidis {2013}

Buy it at Bandcamp or visit the label’s website.

Panagiotis Melidis, aka Larry Gus, is a special case of a musician, composer and producer who is distinguished both for his personal work and for his remixes of other artists’ music. His music has already crossed the Greek border with releases on Lefse Records and DFA. A 7inch, including two previously unreleased tracks entitled “Angelos Kyriou” and “Achilleas Kyriakidis”, is released at the beginning of 2013.

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Stéphane C. | Si rien ne s’oppose a la nuitStéphane C. | Si rien ne s’oppose a la nuitStéphane C. | Si rien ne s’oppose a la nuitStéphane C. | Si rien ne s’oppose a la nuitStéphane C. | Si rien ne s’oppose a la nuitStéphane C. | Si rien ne s’oppose a la nuitStéphane C. | Si rien ne s’oppose a la nuitStéphane C. | Si rien ne s’oppose a la nuitStéphane C. | Si rien ne s’oppose a la nuit

Stéphane C. | Si rien ne s’oppose a la nuit

Pavlov’s Dog, Berlin
Opening: Friday, 25th of January, 7pm
Exhibition: 26th of January – 23rd of February 2013

Pavlov’s Dog Berlin is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of photographer Stéphane  C. in Germany, “Si rien ne s’oppose a la nuit”. Stéphane communicates immediate world issues from a photographic point of view based on the idea that,

reality is an ambivalent structure, a mental frontier between things, an undefined border separating concrete and elusive fields of materiality and the invisible.

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