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Greg Girard & Ian Lambot | City of Darkness: Kowloon Walled City revisited

Greg Girard and Ian Lambot started a Kickstarter campaign to publish a new extended edition of their in 1993 released and sold-out book “City of Darkness: Kowloon Walled City” including new photographs and many previously unpublished drawings and documents. The city was the most densely populated place on earth before its demolition in 1992. Although already fully financed you can still support the project until April 18th and receive original prints and signed books as a thank-you. The book will be published in summer 2014.

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Birthday party, Cobh, IRE 2012Russell Heights, Cobh, IRE 2011Dean’s tatt, Russell Heights, Cobh, IRE 2009Simone feeds the dogs, Russell Heights, Cobh, IRE 2011Bonfire, Russell Heights, Cobh, IRE 2011© Doug DuBois, Editing board.jpg

Doug DuBois | My Last Day At Seventeen

My Last Day At Seventeen by Doug DuBois
currently on view from 3rd – 30th April 2014
at the University of Ulster Gallery, Belfast
In partnership with Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh
Part of the exhibition program of the Belfast Photo Festival | Youth Edition 2014 Continue Reading →


Widephoto Barcelona | 2014 edition

Widephoto Barcelona has just announced two of their interesting events of their 2014 edition: The workshopMoving by night / Resting by day” with Adam Jeppesen on 30 April and 1, 2, 3, 4 May, and the talkPhotographicness“, between Iñaki Domingo, Valentin Roma and Jon Uriarte, moderated by María Canudas, taking place on 27 March 2014. Continue Reading →

One Thousand Books 2014 | Art Book Festival Copenhagen

One Thousand Books Art Book Festival
Thu-Sun April 10 – 13, 2014
Carlsberg Copenhagen

28 independent publishers from all of Northern Europe meet up in a supermarket in Copenhagen to sell books, greet their audience face to face and to share ideas and strategies with one another. The isles of the supermarket act as a visual and conceptual backdrop as the art books are sold alongside everyday groceries, to bibliophiles and the unexpecting shopper alike. Continue Reading →

Afro-Brasil – Porträtfotografie in Brasilien 1869/2013 | ifa-Galerie Berlin

ifa-Galerie Berlin, Linienstraße 139/140, 10115 Berlin
Ausstellung: 7.01. – 30.03.2014

Kulturen sind einem stetigen Wandel unterworfen. In ihnen fließen freiwillige oder erzwungene Übernahmen, Aneignungen und Modifikationen von Denkfiguren, Religionen, Bildformen und kulturellen Strategien zusammen. Das Einwanderungsland Brasilien, das durch die europäische Kolonisation, aber ebenso stark durch die gewaltvolle Migration von afrikanischen Sklaven und durch die indigene Bevölkerung geprägt ist, bietet für die Untersuchung von “Kulturtransfers” ein reiches Beispiel. Continue Reading →

PhotoIreland Festival 2014 | Call for Works

PhotoIreland Festival 2014
1–31 July, 2014

« Truths, Facts, Fictions, Lies. »

We seek, produce, use, and consume all kind of images in our everyday. Whether in the private or the public sphere, we need them for sharing and obtaining details regarding experiences, news, and events. They serve to illustrate ideas that in turn endorse or contest other ideas. With these images, through storytelling, we shape public opinion  and enjoy a shared sense of what is true, what is real. The way we understand our reality then is through these fragmented stories that we tell ourselves. Some of them may be accepted as truths, some others understood as mere myths, legends, hoaxes, or lies. It is all about storytelling. Continue Reading →

polixeni-papapetrou-the-caretakerpolixeni-papapetrou-the-readerpolixeni-papapetrou-the-debutantsPolixeni Papapetrou - Galerie Pavlova BerlinPolixeni Papapetrou - Galerie Pavlova Berlin 2Polixeni Papapetrou - Galerie Pavlova Berlin 3

Polixeni Papapetrou | Between Worlds | Galerie Pavlova Berlin

Polixeni Papapetrou | Between Worlds
Galerie Pavlova, Linienstraße 116, 10115 Berlin
Opening: Friday, February 28th, 2014, 6pm

Exhibition: 01.03.2014 until 12.04.2014

Galerie Pavlova, Berlins first contemporary photography gallery dedicated to promoting the work of Australian & New Zealand photographers, owned by Michael Dooney, celebrates its opening with the work of Melbourne based photographer Polixeni Papapetrou and her series Between Worlds. Continue Reading →

Frank Horvat - 1958, Paris, for Jardin des Modes, Givenchy hat (a)Frank Horvat - Publication: La Maison aux quinze clefs"Lumière" séquence du livre La Maison aux Quinze Clés 1 © Frank Horvat"Lumière" séquence du livre La Maison aux Quinze Clés 2 © Frank Horvat"Lumière" séquence du livre La Maison aux Quinze Clés 3 © Frank Horvat"Lumière" séquence du livre La Maison aux Quinze Clés 5 © Frank Horvat

Frank Horvat | Fashion

Frank Horvat | Fashion
galerie hiltawski, Tucholskystraße 41, 10117 Berlin
Eröffnung: 14. Januar 2014, ab 19 Uhr
Ausstellung: 15. Januar – 1. März 2014

Zum Auftakt der Fashion Week Berlin eröffnet die galerie hiltawsky am 14. Januar 2014 die Ausstellung ‘Fashion…’ des italienisch-französischen Fotografen Frank Horvat. Mit ausgewählten Modefotografien von Frank Horvat aus den Jahren 1955 bis 1984 aus Paris, London, Madrid, Florenz, Djerba, Brighton, Yorkshire und der Auvergne wird das Schaffen Horvats exemplarisch aufgeblättert: Gezeigt werden sowohl legendäre Modefotografien als auch einzigartige fotografische Augenblicke. Continue Reading →

Sveta pour Hussein Chalayan 2000 © Sarah Moon courtesy Michael Hoppen GalleryPour 10 magasine 2007 © Sarah Moon courtesy Michael Hoppen GalleryFashion 3 Chanel 1997 © Sarah Moon courtesy Michael Hoppen GalleryLa piscine 2010 © Sarah Moon courtesy Michael Hoppen GalleryFashion 7 Stockings 1997 © Sarah Moon courtesy Michael Hoppen GalleryLes tulipes 2003 © Sarah Moon courtesy Michael Hoppen GalleryFashion 11 Yoji Yamamoto 1996 © Sarah Moon courtesy Michael Hoppen GalleryFashion 5 Gaultier 1998 © Sarah Moon courtesy Michael Hoppen GalleryLa robe rouge 2010 © Sarah Moon courtesy Michael Hoppen Gallery

Sarah Moon | About Colour

Exhibition: 20.02. – 05.04.2014
Michael Hoppen Gallery
3 Jubilee Place, London, SW3 3TD

It is difficult to summarise Sarah Moon‘s fantastical photography – almost thirty years of image making has made Sarah Moon a legend in her own lifetime. Well known for her personalised commercial and editorial work since the early 1970s, Moon has continued to investigate a dream world of her own invention, without repetition or compromise. For more than thirty-five years, Moon’s heart-stopping fashion images have bucked every so-called commercial trend, from the need to establish eye contact – it is only rarely there – to the belief that the most alluring fashion photograph must be glossy, even hyper-real.

About Colour’ brings together new, old and unseen works, photographed exclusively in colour. Continue Reading →