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ACMV präsentiert die Ausstellung Bubble & Scrape – als Teil des 1. Monat der Fotografie-OFF BerlinACMV presents the exhibition Bubble & Scrape – as part of the 1st 'Monat der Fotografie-OFF' Berlin© Ed Alcock, from the series „Hobbledehoy“© Jenny Fitz, ‚Aufbruch‘, from the series „The Other Side“© Tom Griggs, from the series „untitled (City of Eternal Spring)"Monat der Fotografie-OFF Berlin - Flyer1Monat der Fotografie-OFF Berlin - Flyer2

ACMV presents “Bubble & Scrape”

Actual Colors May Vary {ACMV} is pleased to present photographic works of Ed Alcock, Jenny Fitz and Tom Griggs in the exhibition „Bubble & Scrape“, opening this November in Berlin!
We are delighted that Ed Alcock and Jenny Fitz will be present for the opening, and that Ed will be signing copies of his book Hobbledehoy.

Bubble & Scrape – Contours of personal utopias

Ed Alcock, Jenny Fitz, Tom Griggs

Opening: Friday, 7 November 2014, 8 pm
Exhibition: November 8 – 20, 2014
Opening hours: daily 5 – 10 pm
Venue: Das Gift / Giftraum, Donaustr. 119, 12043 Berlin / Neukölln (⇢ Google Maps)

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1. Monat der Fotografie-Off Berlin | 23. Oktober – 30. November 2014

Im Herbst 2014 wird auch in Berlin zum ersten Mal ein Monat der Fotografie-Off stattfinden – und Actual Colors May Vary freut sich auf die Teilnahme am Festival! (→ see ACMV presents Bubble & Scrape)

Der Pariser Mois de la Photo-OFF feiert in diesem Jahr bereits seinen 20. Geburtstag!
Zu diesem Anlass schlossen sich Paris Photographique und ParisBerlin> fotogroup zusammen, um beide Programme parallel in Paris und Berlin vom 23. Oktober bis zum 30. November 2014 zu organisieren. Continue Reading →

© Sophie Calle/Adagp, Paris, 2014, Courtesy the Artist & Galerie Perrotin© Alain Bublex - Adagp, Paris, 2014, Courtesy Galerie GP&N Vallois, Paris© Julien Magre© Stéphane Couturier, courtesy galerie polaris© Antoine d’Agata / Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire / Magnum Photos


(If there is place I leave with you)


September 11 – October 05, 2014
LE BAL, Paris

« The highway is a loop. From a starting point, you always go back. Sophie Calle, Julien Magre, Stéphane Couturier, Alain Bublex, Antoine d’Agata, here they are, five artists who have hit the road in response to LE BAL’s invitation and with VINCI’s support. Looking for a story, often their own. Anonymous and yet so familiar, the highway became their creative land, their intimate playground. For all of them and for sure, an invitation to find themselves, to get lost… s’il y a lieu. » Continue Reading →

Galerie Franzkowiak Berlin – Gallery Opening 1Galerie Franzkowiak Berlin – Gallery Opening 2Galerie Franzkowiak Berlin – Gallery Opening 3Galerie Franzkowiak Berlin – Gallery Opening 4Galerie Franzkowiak Berlin – Gallery Opening 5Galerie Franzkowiak Berlin – Gallery Opening 6Galerie Franzkowiak Berlin – Gallery Opening - Invitation1Galerie Franzkowiak Berlin – Gallery Opening - Invitation2

Galerie Franzkowiak Berlin | Eröffnungsausstellung

Galerie Franzkowiak | Eröffnungsausstellung
Vernissage: 5. September 2014, ab 18:30 Uhr
Ausstellung: 6. September – 18. Oktober 2014

Die erste Ausstellung der Galerie Franzkowiak in den Räumen der Togostraße 6 in 13351 Berlin zeigt junge und etablierte Positionen aus den Bereichen Malerei, Grafik, Bildhauerei und Fotografie. Continue Reading →

Simon Rimaz - UVUS N#019_Cut Size- 22.5%, découpe sur tirage argentique, 2013Simon Rimaz - UVUS N#055_Cut Size- 1.5%, découpe sur tirage argentique, 2013Simon Rimaz - UVUS N#108_Cut Size- 7.6%, découpe sur tirage argentique, 2013Simon Rimaz - UVUS N#088_Cut Size- 39.9%, découpe sur tirage argentique, 2013Simon Rimaz - UVUS N#098_Cut Size- 0.7%, découpe sur tirage argentique, 2013Simon Rimaz - UVUS N#106_Cut Size- 13.1%, découpe sur tirage argentique, 2013Simon Rimaz - UVUS N#112_Cut Size- 51.7%, découpe sur tirage argentique, 2013Simon Rimaz - UVUS N#027_Cut Size- 16.7%, découpe sur tirage argentique, 2013Simon Rimaz - UVUS N#086_Cut Size- 7.8%, découpe sur tirage argentique, 2013Simon Rimaz - Unusual Views of Unknown Subjects, couverture, 25 x 32 cm, 2013Simon Rimaz - Unusual Views of Unknown Subjects, page de titre, 25 x 32 cm, 2013Simon Rimaz - Unusual Views of Unknown Subjects, page 24-25, 25 x 32 cm, 2013exp12 Gallery | ARCHIVE - the photographic body

Simon Rimaz | Unusual View of Unknown Subjects

Unusual View of Unknown Subjects, 2013

This series is a body of work based on press photographs that have been collected in various newspaper archives in the United States. All images that are published in the press are regularly gathered in these archives where they are marked, numbered and indexed by date or key words. The prints are full of peripheral elements that explain their existence and legitimacy.

From amongst all these marks, I have focused on the indications showing how the image was to be cropped for publication. These “stigmata” are proof of the use of the image and of its transformation. They take the shape of visual (sometimes textual) dialogues between the protagonists who have handled it. Parallel stories in themselves, these annotations are also indications of “that-which-has-been”, a notion that is so fundamental in the history of the photographic medium. Continue Reading →

Aglu Books: Qian Yongning | StatusAglu Books: Qian Yongning | StatusAglu Books: Qian Yongning | StatusAglu Books: Qian Yongning | StatusAglu Books: Qian Yongning | StatusAglu Books: Qian Yongning | StatusAglu Books | STATUSAglu Books | ARIZONAAglu Books | LIGHT YEARSAglu Books | MURMURAglu Books

Aglu Books: Qian Yongning | Status

The people in Qian’s Status inhabit a strange, almost dream-like existence. We catch fleeting glimpses of them as they move through the photograph – their Status unknown. Qian’s dream sequences reveal moments of quietness and reflection of lives lived.

Qian Yongning is a Chinese photographer based in Shanghai. He has exhibited widely across China and work features in collections across Europe, China and USA. Alongside his photography interests, Qian also lectures at Shanghai University. Continue Reading →


POPCAP ‘14: Outstanding African Photography

The international photography competition POPCAP is pleased to announce the winners of the 2014 edition. The award aims to foster interest in and support for contemporary African photography.

This year’s winners – from The Ivory Coast, South Africa, Belgium, The Netherlands and Democratic Republic of the Congo – were chosen by an international panel of judges via an online judging process. The winning artists will have their works presented later this year at seven exhibitions in Europe and Africa.

POPCAP ‘14 The Winners

Joana Choumali | Hââbré, The last Generation, 2013–2014
Ilan Godfrey | Legacy of the Mine, 2011–2013
Léonard Pongo | The Uncanny, 2011–2013
Steketee & Blankevoort | Love Radio, 2014
Patrick Willocq | I am Walé Respect Me, 2013

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The PhotoBookMuseum PBMKupferwerk - copyright Jana DornThe_PBM_Booklet-3The_PBM_Booklet-5The_PBM_Booklet-6The_PBM_Booklet-7The_PBM_Booklet-8The_PBM_Ausstellungsplan-1The_PBM_Ausstellungsplan-2PBM CatalogueBoxMarkus Schaden - copyright Thekla EhlingContainer - copyright Daniel Zakharov

The PhotoBookMuseum Expo at Carlswerk Köln-Mülheim | August 19 – October 3, 2014

  • The CarlswerkEdition: 19. August – 03. October 2014, Cologne-Mülheim
  • OpeningWeek: 19. – 24. August 2014
  • PhotokinaWeek: 16. – 21. September 2014

During the course of the Photoszene Festival, on the 19th of August, The PhotobookMuseum has a grand opening. It will be the first museum in the world that is dedicated to the medium of the photobook in all its facets. Continue Reading →

12.06.14 | Home@735 Gallery Sydney

Meredith Birrell (painting) | Heather Egan (painting) | Steffan Ianigro (video, sound and performance) | Kate Nixon (glass) | Sophia Nuske (ceramics) | Julia Schiller (photography)

Opening: Thursday 12th June 2014 from 6 – 8pm
Exhibition: June 12 – July 6, 2014
Home@735 Gallery, Sydney Continue Reading →