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Dear ACMV Contributors (featured artists)

…Oliver and I thought it would be a good idea to create a ‘Contributors page‘ here on the ACMV website, where everyone featured so far on ACMV is listed alphabetically, including the following infos:


Please help us complete the ACMV contributors page as fast as possible by visiting → this page (update, dec 12: form is offline now) and filling in the 3 (or 4) fields mentioned above. Continue Reading →

ACMV Relaunch

As you may have noticed, we have completely redesigned ACMV!
Please excuse any inconveniences like missing contents, falling menu items and jumpy galleries. Soon after cleaning up, everything will be brand-new and shiny.
Thanks for stayin’ with us :)

ps: Feedback & suggestions to improve stuff are most welcome, feel free to comment on this post! Thank You!

Video Post (YouTube)

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