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Widephoto | Contemporary photography workshops in Barcelona

Registrations for the Widephoto workshops in Barcelona with Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs (1, 2, 3 March) and Mishka Henner (5, 6, 7 April) are now open!

Widephoto offers a program of learning, exchange and debate around innovative proposals in the field of contemporary photography. For that reason, we invite well versed curators and theoreticians to give specially developed presentations, design practice-oriented workshops by photographers who have stood out due to their innovative work process’ and organize informal gatherings around a dinning table to share that knowledge in a relaxed and closer way.

Widephoto is a new initiative by Meeatings23 and Jon Uriarte that bets on new key players, on the evolution of contents and on the experimentation in the various forms by which they are produced, shared and spread. Continue Reading →

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Alba Yruela

Alba Yruela is 21 years old and living in Barcelona, Spain. She was born in La Bisbal a town near the Catalan Pyrenees. She was living and working in London for a year. Her photographs are a project/diary about her life. Alba’s portfolio is so honest, natural and raw.

For more of her work please visit