PHOTOTALKS: Phil Underdown

ACMV is now also featuring selected phototalks previously published by our partner Urbanautica.

PHOTOTALKS: ‘Phil Underdown’
Written by David Pollock
© courtesy of Phil Underdown

1. Regarding the project Grassland. What interested you about this area and what topographic and geographic characteristics were useful for exploring  your interpretations of Landscape?

«My introduction to the site was a gradual one. Over the years, I would bicycle by the entrance, which was gated and clearly off limits. By the time it became a wildlife preserve and opened to the public, I was very curious. Entering the Grasslands for the first time was very much like entering a land that had once been forbidden. That the main part of the site is hidden from the outside, really reinforced my desire to see it as a separate land, defined by its borders, topography, and patterns of usage. Continue Reading →