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Phillip Toledano | The Absent Portrait, 'Splash and play'Phillip Toledano | The Absent Portrait, 'Sandal toe tights'Phillip Toledano | The Absent Portrait, 'Arm Sling (with bar)'

Phillip Toledano | The Absent Portrait

I source original, censored packaging from Iran.

Packaging in which the women have been erased.
Inked out, individually, by hand.

I remove the blacked-out figure from the surrounding image,
and a transformation occurs. Continue Reading →

1_flower guy47 years... Well, you did give me an introduction, but I’m still not convinced about why you’d like to take my picture.It’s not been half a century yet...41 years, and this workshop is the only place I've ever worked in.Since I was 11, means fifty something years. My dad was a shoemaker though...I don’t know how long. My dad worked in this shop until he was 95, and then I took over, I’m 72...Retired, as they say! My wife kicks me out of the house in the morning, every day, I come to the park and play backgammon and sometimes chess, all day long.When I replied the school boys' english greeting in Persian, with a thick Esfahani accent, they went crazy – and each one of them wanted to have a picture taken.Local warehouse.

Alireza Abbasy | Portraits of professions

November 2011, Esfahan, Iran.
It’s an ancient and prosperous city with a population of 3.5 million, and used to be the capital of the country for a few centuries. The city is proud of its contributions to the Iranian society and culture, proud of the exceptional novelists, poets, musicians, and composers who grew up in, and were nurtured by city of Esfahan. Continue Reading →

Googoosh – Talaagh (1971)