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Collin Avery | Remain Calm, "Pleated curtain"Collin Avery | Remain Calm, "Sky with balloon"Collin Avery | Remain Calm, "Electric heater"Collin Avery | Remain Calm, "Happy"Collin Avery | Remain Calm, "Sun through the thicket"Collin Avery | Remain Calm, "Elevator door"Collin Avery | Remain Calm, "June"Collin Avery | Remain Calm, "Bathtub"Collin Avery | Remain Calm, "Matted grass"Collin Avery | Remain Calm, "Wall illusion"Collin Avery | Remain Calm, "Cord crossing the floral carpet"Collin Avery | Remain Calm, "13 holes and 1 wire"

Collin Avery | Remain Calm

My photographs are about a particular process of observation which I acquired during adolescence. As a child, I was afraid of confrontation, so as a way to escape difficult mental and physical situations I had designated hiding zones located throughout the house and yard where I could disappear. Continue Reading →

Umter Magazine | Issue #3

Umter Magazine Issue Three is out now! Issue #3 is a celebration of the current contemporary visual artworks, featuring work from the UK, USA and Germany.

Contributing artists:
Leanne Downs / Ellen Jantzen / Matt Kerr / Jessica MacDonald / Kati Mennett / Dead Porcupine / Julia Schiller / Paris Visone

Umter Magazine is a visual-arts based online magazine. It aims to showcase artists while pushing forward an ongoing critical discourse within contemporary photography and image-making. They curate and publish online issues (PDF) bi-monthly, and will be posting themes for issues and calls for entries.
Editor and founder, Joe Gasior, started Umter Magazine after graduating from University as a way to stay involved with image makers and create a photographic conversation.

Download Issue #3 here
Umter Magazine

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