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Berlin Fotografen | SPACES | Urban Spree Gallery

Berlin Fotografen | SPACES
Opening: June 13th 2014, 7pm

Exhibition: 13.–21.6.2014
Urban Spree Gallery

Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain
Hours: Tue – Sun 12-19h

“Spaces“ exhibition brings together Berlin’s photographers in an attempt to explore photography in all its dimensions. The expanse between the photobook, as an independent space, and the „Urban Spree Galerie“ as an open exhibition area is the main theme of this exhibition. Our exhibition is not only dedicated to the various forms of photographic depiction but also investigates the medium’s potential as an art form, expanding photography’s capacity of representation.The forms of enactment raise the question of how the pictures on the wall, in books or as installations change and affect the viewer’s perception. Continue Reading →

Pavlov’s Dog | BER – Bilder einer Stadt

Opening: Thursday 11th of April, 2013, 7pm
Exhibition: 12.4. – 18.5. 2013
Pavlov’s Dog, Berlin

Berlin: No other city stirs so many longings and desires. And yet – everyone loves something different about this town, in which one is currently beginning to re-build an ancient palace. Berlin 2013 is a city full of contradictions: Booming start-ups and airport disasters, property boom and nostalgia for the Berlin Wall, Berghain and Waldorf Astoria. Artists have always had a particular visual sense for cracks and rifts, both of which are so apparent in Berlin. That is why pavlov’s dog is now looking onto Berlin – in 50 photographs by 50 photographers: Continue Reading →