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Mark Curran | The-Market (Installation view, Gallery of Photography)Mark Curran | The-Market (Installation view, Gallery of Photography)Mark Curran | The-Market (Installation view, Gallery of Photography)Mark Curran | The-Market (Installation view, Belfast Exposed)Mark Curran | The-Market (Installation view, Belfast Exposed)Mark Curran | The-Market (Installation view, Belfast Exposed)

Mark Curran | The Market

…what people don’t understand… is that what happens in the market is pivotal to their lives… not on the periphery…but slap, bang, in the middle…
(From telephone conversation with trader, name withheld, Dealing Room, Investment Bank, London, February 2013

After recent installations in Ireland at both the Gallery of Photography and Belfast Exposed, Mark Curran’s long-term project on the global stock and commodity markets titled, The Market, is now travelling to Paris:

Mark Curran « The Market »
Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris
Vernissage: 30 January 2014, 6.30-8pm
Exhibition: 31 January – 2 March 2014 Continue Reading →

BerlinPhotoWorkshops: Göran Gnaudschun | Hinter den Bildern


Göran Gnaudschun bietet mit „Hinter den Bildern“ einen Workshop an, der alle zwei Monate stattfindet.

„Hinter den Bildern“ richtet sich an Menschen, die kontinuierlich fotografisch arbeiten, die aber für ihre künstlerische Arbeit ein Forum für den Austausch, für neue Einflüsse und für Wegweisungen suchen.
Der Kurs ist auch für Menschen, die an einem bestimmten Punkt nicht mehr weiter wissen oder sich in Vorbereitungsphasen befinden, die vielleicht die Selbstständigkeit anstreben oder sich für ein Studium an einer Kunsthochschule bewerben wollen. Continue Reading →

Juan Orrantia | What is (not) there?

Re:PRESENT presents the installation WHAT IS (NOT) THERE? STORIES OF AFTERMATH FROM COLOMBIA AND MOZAMBIQUE by Columbian-born photographer and anthropologist JUAN ORRANTIA.

Opening: April 19th, 6pm to 9pm
Exhibition: April 20th – May 18th
Galerie der Kunststiftung Poll
, Berlin Continue Reading →

Billy Quinn 'Good Morning MR. Courbet'Danny Nicoletta 'Sissy Chapel 1998'Kai Olaf Hesse 'Here/Nowhere'

post SCRIPT – A group exhibition curated by Peggy Sue Amison

Opening: Fri 19th October, 8:00pm
Camden Palace Hotel, Camden Quay, Cork, Ireland
Running: Sat 20th October – Fri 30th November 2012
Gallery hours: Monday – Friday 11am – 5pm / Saturday & Sunday hours TBD

Humans can be more connected today than ever before; information of all sorts can be delivered in the time it takes to email, text, tweet etc…  Likewise, the improved convenience of travel makes it possible to live in different places and experience the world more readily.  Yet, overshadowing this ginormous, instantaneous ‘social network’ of accessibility is an unspeakable sense of existential disconnection. Continue Reading →