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Mouse on Mars 1995

Selected photographs ACMV Co-Editor Oliver Schneider took of the electronic band “Mouse on Mars” in 1995 for the fanzine “Subraum“, published by Frank Geber, Carsten La Tendresse and Oliver Schneider from 1995 to 1997. Continue Reading →

Oliver Schneider, ACMV Co-Founder & Editor

Oliver Schneider

Oliver Schneider, born 1971, lives in Berlin, Germany and studied photography at Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig under Prof. Joachim Brohm.

His photographic work has been exhibited internationally and has been featured in various online magazines. He is working as a freelance creative director, won several international design awards and is co-founder of earthfaves, the social favorite places network.

Together with Julia Schiller he is the founding editor of ACMV.

About my work:

It’s sprouting color, form, light and shadow. A little emotion machine. But my hand and my head are needed to start. In my subconsciousness, I press strange buttons, choose modes and spin wheels. The obvious is boring, but maybe boring is annoying enough to be interesting. Guy Debord said: “Boredom is always counter-revolutionary” and meant that the division of private and work life produced something negative, boredom. In my spare time I love to use this black picture machine, it’s at least one tiny step towards being a creator, not a consumer. The camera is the extension of my mind, my brain, my experience and my eyes, I’m immersing myself in technology but I’m thinking about emotions and time. Maybe I will never see this place again. — Oliver Schneider


Psychedelia from all over the world: Pie in the Sky www.pie-in-the-sky.org
Post-Dubstep: www.soundcloud.com/randomat/likes

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ACMV Volume #1 | Sardegna

We don’t see things like a camera does. We don’t care about a neutral grey. We are aware of the impossibility of capturing cultures, things, persons or even minds. We don’t think this is working. Let’s stop thinking for a moment. Let’s stop everything for a moment and taste rich cheese, black wine, bitter honey, soft rocks and green waters..