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Phillip Toledano | The Absent Portrait, 'Splash and play'Phillip Toledano | The Absent Portrait, 'Sandal toe tights'Phillip Toledano | The Absent Portrait, 'Arm Sling (with bar)'

Phillip Toledano | The Absent Portrait

I source original, censored packaging from Iran.

Packaging in which the women have been erased.
Inked out, individually, by hand.

I remove the blacked-out figure from the surrounding image,
and a transformation occurs. Continue Reading →

'Grandpa, two weeks before his 97th birthday, Farmington, Iowa, 2013' © Ben Huff'Georgia,The Day After the Family Dog Died' © Susan Worsham'Allison (Apples)' © Shane Lavalette'Dad, 2013' © Todd Stewart'He said 'I Hate the Sun'' © Brian Widdis'Mr Chang' © Hin Chua'Untitled' © Justin James Reed'Untitled' © Miriam O'Connor'Zephyr, Woodstock, New York, 2013' © Rachel Papo'David March 2013' © Jim Mortram'Audrey, Spring (2013)' © Youngna Park'Untitled' © Phil Toledano

Someone I Know

Someone I Know‘ is the latest project to be curated by photographer Stuart Pilkington.  It brings together some of the best known emerged and emerging photographers from across the globe.

The brief for the photographers was to take a portrait of someone they know, no matter how loosely.  Continue Reading →