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Portland Photo Month

April 2012 is the 2nd annual Portland Photo Month!
To best explore the myriad of exhibitions, discussions, projections and events, please visit the Portland Photo Month website:


Also check their blog on each Monday in April, to get a sampling of what is going on that week.

Neonchocolate Gallery | .Compressed

Berlin’s Neonchocolate Gallery is celebrating 2 years & 100 exhibitions with a special group exhibition & auction: .COMPRESSED
(Urban Art / Painting / Photography / Illustration / Collage / Design)

Preview and Exhibition: March 5–8, 2012, daily 7 pm – midnight
Live auction: March 8, 2012 at 7 pm
at .HBC Berlin, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 9.

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Ron Galella | Paparazzo Extraordinaire

Dec 10, 2011 – Feb 26, 2012
C/O Berlin

“If someone says ‘no photos!’ then I try not to take any more. However, before he says that I take as many as I can. That’s the game”.
Ron Galella

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Sergey Chilikov | Selected Works 1978 – 2011

Vernissage: 19.01.2012, 7 pm
Exhibition: 20.01. – 25.02.2012
pavlov’s dog | space for photography | Bergstrasse 19 | 10115 Berlin Continue Reading →

SMBH Magazine | ISSUE #9 Alternative Vision

Issue #9 of SuperMassiveBlackHole is out now!
Under the theme “Alternative Vision” SMBH Editor Barry W Hughes put together a highly interesting issue, as we think.

The contributors are
Aline Smithson / Andrey Bogush / Bríd O’Donovan / David Thomas Smith / Ellen Jantzen / Erin O’Keefe / James Parkin / Jamie House / Julia Schiller / Katrin Korfmann / Mocksim / Olivia Bowman / Peter Cibak / Tom Flynn Continue Reading →

Paolo Morales | Unearned Intimacy | #01Paolo Morales | Unearned Intimacy | #02Paolo Morales | Unearned Intimacy | #03Paolo Morales | Unearned Intimacy | #04Paolo Morales | Unearned Intimacy | #05Paolo Morales | Unearned Intimacy | #06Paolo Morales | Unearned Intimacy | #07Paolo Morales | Unearned Intimacy | #08Paolo Morales | Unearned Intimacy | #09

Paolo Morales | Unearned Intimacy

Unearned Intimacy. 2009-2011

To photograph someone is like playing a tug of war. Each player inherently needs the other for the game to exist.  In photography, the subject can choose how and if they want to present themselves for the camera while the photographer decides how to frame the scene and when to release the shutter. The photograph is the product of an implicit struggle for power and control. Continue Reading →

pavlov’s dog | Woodland | Auction

The opening of the WOODLAND exhibition was a great success and now there is an opportunity to purchase the photographs in a special Christmas auction. On the 17th of December we will sell many of the pictures of our group show in an auction. Continue Reading →

Gundula Schulze Eldowy | The Early Years

Photographs from 1977 to 1990
10 Dec 2011 – 26 Feb 2012
Opening Friday, 9 December 2011 . 7 pm
at C/O Berlin Continue Reading →

Seiichi Furuya | Mémoires

9. Sep – 15. Dec 2011
Galerie Thomas Fischer
Potsdamer Straße 77-87, Haus H, 10785 Berlin Continue Reading →