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BOOK • FILM • PAINTING project, curated by Stuart Pilkington (Image © David Hockney - 'Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy')'Manhattan' © Eric McNatt'A Clockwork Orange' © Barry W Hughes'2001- A Space Odyssey' © Heidi Romano'Prison Break' © Alexis Vasilikos'Christina's World' © Marta Beltowska'Inception' © Rachel Wolfe'Hissing Of 3981' © Thatcher Keats'The Little Prince' © Stephen McAteer'Untitled' © Angela Cappetta'Wanderer Above The Sea Of Fog' © Santi Oliveri


At the end of the project ‘Someone I Know’ Stuart Pilkington asked if any photographers would be interested in his next project.

Over 100 photographers replied and each of them in turn was invited to take part in ‘Book Film Painting‘.
The photographers are from Australia, Austria, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, Loa PDR, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, UK and USA.

On 1st May 2013 the photographers were asked to submit a photograph inspired by either a book, a film or a painting by 31st July.
On 2nd August 2013 all the images were uploaded onto the website.

Please take time to look through the site. Each photographer has a link to their website, e-mail and Twitter account where appropriate.  You are encouraged to leave feedback if you enjoy their work. Continue Reading →


Rachel Wolfe | Not Even But Almost

‘NOT EVEN BUT ALMOST’ (NEBA), 2008-2010 is an investigative look at the unsatisfying structures and ideals of contemporary life. Through the unconscious creation of perpetually unsatisfactory situations, certain inherent flaws in human nature are highlighted. Control and power are translated into containment and confinement. The harmonizing intent of constructed nature creates yet another spectacle. The intuited energy I find everywhere, in everything heightens my sensitivity to the cyclic, almost-understanding these conditions create. In this way, the mundane becomes the monumental.

Through this work I look to present my interpretation of the pursuit of happiness as a disguise for a larger quest for wholeness.” Continue Reading →