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'Grandpa, two weeks before his 97th birthday, Farmington, Iowa, 2013' © Ben Huff'Georgia,The Day After the Family Dog Died' © Susan Worsham'Allison (Apples)' © Shane Lavalette'Dad, 2013' © Todd Stewart'He said 'I Hate the Sun'' © Brian Widdis'Mr Chang' © Hin Chua'Untitled' © Justin James Reed'Untitled' © Miriam O'Connor'Zephyr, Woodstock, New York, 2013' © Rachel Papo'David March 2013' © Jim Mortram'Audrey, Spring (2013)' © Youngna Park'Untitled' © Phil Toledano

Someone I Know

Someone I Know‘ is the latest project to be curated by photographer Stuart Pilkington.  It brings together some of the best known emerged and emerging photographers from across the globe.

The brief for the photographers was to take a portrait of someone they know, no matter how loosely.  Continue Reading →

© Shane Lavalette, Bill on His Porch, 2011© Shane Lavalette, Devil's Crossroads, 2010© Shane Lavalette, Ground Zero, 2010© Shane Lavalette, Praying Hands, 2011© Shane Lavalette, Tommy's Bed, 2010© Shane Lavalette, America Street, 2011© Shane Lavalette, Spit in the Swamp, 2010© Shane Lavalette, Alvin at Church, 2010© Shane Lavalette, Rev. Dennis's Bible Castle to God, 2010© Shane Lavalette, Po' Monkey's 70th Birthday, 2010© Shane Lavalette, Athens Morning, 2011© Shane Lavalette, Spirit Bottles, 2011

Shane Lavalette | Picturing the South

In 2010, the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, which for decades has been the leading art museum in the South, commissioned Lavalette to produce a new collection of photographs for their “Picturing the South” series, which includes past artists Sally Mann, Emmet Gowin, Richard Misrach, Dawoud Bey, Alex Webb and Alec Soth.

When I began my project, […] I set out not to create any documentary about Southern Music but something more distinctly lyrical, inspired by the music.
In particular, I’m interested in how the music is shaped by the landscape of the region as well as how our understanding of the landscape is shaped by the music.” – Shane Lavalette, interview with Kate Levy, Daylight Magazine

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Photographs Not Taken

Photographs Not Taken is a collection of photographers’ essays about failed attempts to make a picture.

Editor Will Steacy asked each photographer to abandon the conventional tools needed to make a photograph—camera, lens, film—and instead make a photograph using words, to capture the image (and its attendant memories) that never made it through the lens. In each essay, the photograph has been stripped down to its barest and most primitive form: the idea behind the image. Continue Reading →