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Local Colors May Vary (LCMV) | Call for entries

We recently launched our new project: Local Colors May Vary (LCMV)!
LCMV is a series of curated slideshows, combining contemporary fine-art photography with live music by international artists – with the aim of promoting the work of emerging and talented photographers & musicians.

Each edition of LCMV focuses on a different country, area or city, and is accompanied by music emphasizing the respective theme and local culture. Continue Reading →


OMNIVORE PHOTO SESSIONS is a audiovisual-based platform of debate and promotion for fine art photography. Through public screenings of photographic works we hope to achieve a low cost, widespread scope.

For their inaugural PHOTO SESSION themed CRUDO (=RAW), they are looking for photographic works (in a slideshow format) where intuition commands over reason, where personal involvement builds the way of looking.
The deadline for submissions is May 14th, 2012.

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